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The best cooking in your kitchen: French and worldwide inspiration


Florentins: a (likely) French pastry. No eggs nor flour, but a marvellous honey taste, and crunchy texture! You'll need chocolate, almonds, honey and candied fruits to make these little pastries, perfect for tea time.


Cookies: discover my version these famous American biscuits. Crunchy on the outside, chewy in the inside, a bit of oat... Find out as well as my secret to have fresh cookies out of the oven, whenever you want!

crispy lemon chicken

Crispy lemon chicken: a fully crispy crust, an amazing lemon flavour and a tender chicken inside, all in a beautifully presented plate... What more to ask from this Chinese recipe? Go and taste this traditional dish!


Pancakes: fluffy, warm and easy to make to everyone taste. Pancakes are very common in North America. You can make them with Canadian maple syrup and strawberries, or chocolate and banana. What about apples and toffee? Whatever you like will be delicious with this pancake recipe.


Brunch: every country has its vital brunch elements. Here you can find my favorite brunch recipe: a mix of American bacon, British mushrooms and scrambled eggs. For the foodies, I gave instructions to make pancakes at the same time!


Salmon and avocado makis: very popular in Japanese restaurants, try and make at home your own makis. The richness of the salmon, the flavour of the avocado, and the delicate acidity of sushi rice will make a perfectly balanced dish. Go at once to your favourite fishmonger and come back to try this recipe!


Chouquettes: these small French pastries will help you learn to make choux pastry. They are pastry puffs, with pearl sugar on top. Eat them right out of the oven: light, a subtle vanilla taste, and a bit of crunch... that's a piece of France for your afternoon snack.

 caramel pork

Stir-fried caramel pork: this traditional Laotian dish is both warm and refreshing. It takes a long time to cook, but you needn't be in front of the pot all the time. You can find as well the recipe of the glutinuous rice: together they will offer you an easy-to-make meal.

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